Genuine Origin

Introducing the Genuine Origin Coffee Project

August 24, 2016
Genuine Origin

Volcafe has supplied green coffee to the world’s largest importers and roasters for more than 150 years.

The Genuine Origin Coffee Project is an offspring of that century-and-a-half of experience, and a bridge — between specialty roasters and our operations at origin (we have more than 250 technicians and trained agronomists in the field and work with nearly 30,000 coffee producers, both individuals and co-ops).

Specialty roasters, as you likely know, are caretakers and artisans, assuming the responsibility of, in a few critical minutes, transforming and enhancing beans that entire villages have dedicated whole seasons and their energies to planting, protecting, nourishing, harvesting, washing, drying and packaging.

They carefully apply their craft in order to send a more beautiful and full-realized product on to the final stage of its journey.

Roasters are also essential educators, passing on their knowledge of beans and farms and regions, and in doing so enabling coffee shops, baristas and consumers to understand what they’re tasting and paying for.

As the impacts of global warming are felt in very real ways by coffee farmers — who face new types of plant disease and insects, brought on by warmer temperatures — their already demanding profession is becoming increasingly more so. Which is making fewer of them inclined to continue each year. And which makes this bridge so critical.

By partnering with us, specialty roasters can be a part of our efforts to simplify what has long been a stunningly complex supply chain, and in doing so create more stable pricing for growers, so they can run more profitable, predictable and enduring businesses. We’re also using our network and community ties to make sure producers get the information they need, as they face challenges they never have before. (In an upcoming post we’ll talk about Volcafe Way, which is a primary way that we’re getting them that information.)

In return, roasters don’t have to fly to origin, to feel connected to a producer or learn more about a coffee; through our colleagues, operations and efforts at origin, everyone who buys from us is part of the bigger (and increasingly better) picture. And with each harvest, our customers have access to the best green coffee beans that our cuppers and Q graders at origin have identified.

Genuine Origin is a passion project, of sorts — an experience-informed, business-firm but heart-led effort to ensure that specialty coffee continues to exist, and that the communities that have for generations depended on growing coffee can not only continue to, but can do so with more resources, more security, more confidence and a brighter future.

Have questions? We couldn’t be more excited to talk. Here are a few ways to get in touch.

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