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  • Picking El Salvador coffee cherries off coffee trees

El Salvador Coffee Origin Report 2023

Big things come in small packages. In El Salvador’s case, this modest-sized country has made a name for itself regarding its green coffee. Despite its turbulent history, El Salvador [...]

  • Espresso shots and caffeine content

The Best Coffees for Espresso

Espresso has been around for over 100 years now and its popularity only appears to be increasing. According to the National Coffee Association of America, the consumption of espresso-based [...]

  • Finca La Bastilla coffee fields and mountains with mist

Nicaraguan Coffee Origin Report 2023

Nicaragua pulses as the largest country in the heart of Central America. Here, coffee continues to surpass all expectations, despite the political unrest, natural disasters, and warfare that hinder [...]

  • Gesha (Geisha) coffee cherries on raised bed in Ethiopia

Coffee Varieties Quick Start Guide

Coffee is part of a complex family tree. Thanks to agricultural intervention, producers and researchers have added even more branches to a never-ending genealogy of coffee varieties and coffee [...]

  • Coffee roasting machine roasting fresh coffee

How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

How to Roast Coffee Beans I started out in coffee in the mid-2010s as a barista at the only third wave cafe in my area. My first job roasting [...]

  • Costa Rica Tarrazu valley with river

Costa Rican Coffee Origin Report 2023

Coffee in Costa Rica is as advanced as it gets. Smallholders here are highly motivated to keep Costa Rican coffee on the map for innovation, diversification, and a reputation [...]

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