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Cupping Notes: Honduras El Liquidambar

October 10, 2016
Tony Auger

Before joining us at Genuine Origin as a regional partnership manager, Tony Auger was head roaster at Kaldi’s Coffee, where he won a number of awards, including third place in the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship finals and first place in a 2015 regional Brewer’s Cup competition.

We have enormous respect for Tony’s palette and opinions. And because we know that so many other people in the industry do as well, we thought we’d share his feedback on one our microlot selections from Honduras, El Liquidambar.

These beans were cultivated by brothers Walter and Sergio Romero, third-generation coffee producers in Coban, Honduras. (Click here to view a fact sheet.)

Recently, Tony had this to say:

“Overall, I have been incredibly impressed with our coffees coming out of Honduras. They are some of the most sugar- and fruit-forward Honduran coffees that I have ever tasted.

The Honduras El Liquidambar has really jumped out on the cupping table since the very first time I tasted it, scoring around 88.25 for me. When the coffee is roasted lighter, I got lots of lemon, tart stonefruit, and pure sugar cane notes that finished with a nice vanilla floral type complexity. With a little more development I tasted some rich red fruits, with a syrupy body that reminded me of warm caramel.

I love making pour overs of this coffee because I’ve noticed that you can really manipulate the flavor based on grind size and brew ratio. To me, this shows that this coffee has lots of complexity and can be used for multiple preparation methods.”

Tony’s territory is the southern, central portion of the country. Need advice? Sample ideas? Someone to cup with, or feedback on roasting particular beans? Reach out to anthony@genuineorigin.com.


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