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Tasting Notes: Genuine Origin Kenya Windrush

December 22, 2016
Kenya AB Windrush

Genuine Origin team members around the world are constantly cupping coffees, and we love to hear their feedback. Recently, Tony Auger, our Southwest partnership manager, offered this about his morning cup:

I love coffees, like our Kenya Windrush, that constantly evolve through the sensory analysis process. Complex and evolving coffees are the type I most enjoy roasting because they allow more freedom to experiment with flavor profiles, while trying to make the coffee more unique than the previous roast.

After I brewed my last sample roast of this coffee, I instantly got an aroma of creme brûlée. The first sip was an explosion of flavor but dominantly acidity forward, with some candied lime and grapefruit notes. Next, I found some tropical notes start to develop as the coffee cooled, like papaya and mango. Finally, the coffee finished very nicely with a slight tannic but tingling texture sensation that reminded me of eating kiwi.

It was definitely one of my favorites from this year’s Kenya selections.

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