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April 19, 2017
Volume discounts begin at 10 boxes. Each box is 65 pounds of green coffee.

It’s time to prepare for incoming shipments of fresh green coffees — which means finding good homes for last-season coffees that we have 2 pallets (48 boxes) or less of.

More fun than a sale, we’re asking you to check the low-inventory list below and make us an offer! We’re looking for bids on complete lots. All offers will be considered and responded to on a first-come basis, so it’s time to move quickly!

Please email your offers to

Maybe you’re wondering…

Can I request a sample first? You’re always welcome to order a sample and decide what you think. But if you don’t want to risk missing out on a coffee, talk to one of our partnership managers. They’ll never steer you wrong. (Don’t know a partnership manager? Email the address above and say so, we’ll have someone who lives near you reach out.)

Do I get the sample bags as a bonus? Totally! Current policy is, when you buy out a lot of coffee, we treat you to the remaining sample bags.

Do I have to buy out the lot? Yep. That’s the idea.

What if my offer is too low? You miss all the shots you don’t take, right? Make a fair offer. If it’s just way lower than what we can do, we’d love to wiggle the numbers with you and find something we’re both happy with. No stress, no judgements. This is a fun thing.

Is free shipping included? No. But feel free to make that part of your offer. We’re open to ideas.

Are these coffees total stinkers? No way. They were nurtured and harvested by hard-working individuals and meticulously selected by our teams of Q Graders at origins. They were cupped and re-cupped at every stage of production — at our mills, each bag is cupped a minimum of six times to ensure quality. They’re the outcome of a tremendous amount of work, and each at its peak was singled out from all that its respective country had to offer. They’re just not the most recent harvest anymore.


Low-Inventory Green Coffees


Cocoa, almond, plum. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Balanced.

AA Rianjue
Rhubarb jam, grapefruit, strawberry, baking spice, nectarine. Body: Juicy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 22

AA Ndururumo
Coconut, candied grapefruit, green apple, milk chocolate, caramel, stone fruit. Body: Juicy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 32

AA Ndurutu
Lime, vanilla, clove, orange. Body: Delicate. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 33

AA Kifco
Cinnamon, papaya, lime. Body: Juicy. Acidity: Balanced. Boxes: 42

AA Kiamuriuki
Milk chocolate, macadamia, grilled peach. Body: Juicy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 44

AB Timka
Citrus zest, cherry, melon. Body: Sparkling Acidity: Bright.

Pena Alta El Porvenir
Buttery, caramel apple, baking spices. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Mild. Boxes: 39

El Rodeo
Milk chocolate, caramel, blood orange, lemon zest. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 35

Los Nanzales
Pear, sugarcane, plantain. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Balanced. Boxes: 26

Don Beto
Toffee, nutty, Meyer lemon. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 20

La Lesquinada
Graham cracker, maple, melon. Body: Clean. Acidity: Mild. Boxes: 19

Jose Noel Mendez
Herbal, tamarind. Body: Clean. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 30

La Malanguera
Nougat, elderberry, vanilla, black tea. Body: Clean. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 34

La Chorrera
Dried fig, cherry, lemon curd. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Balanced. Boxes: 29

El Tamarindo
Cream soda, nectarine, almond. Body: Delicate. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 36

Los Cedros
Root beer, blackberry, molasses. Body: Juicy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 35

El Chile
Caramel, dried cherry, satsuma. Body: Creamy. Acidity: Bright. Boxes: 38

El Horno
Honeysuckle, baking spice, tropical fruit. Body: Clean. Acidity: Balanced. Boxes: 24


*Last updated June 14, 2017

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