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Introducing Monday–Monday Specials

May 28, 2017
Enjoy Genuine Origin Monday–Monday specials on green coffee!

There are so many coffees that we love and want to share with you. So each Monday on our Home page, beginning May 29, we’ll offer a special deal on a special coffee, to make sure you’re in the know.

We’re calling these offers Monday–Mondays, since that’s exactly how long they’ll last. Each Monday morning the old deal will disappear and a new one will take its place. And, no special codes necessary — the special price will show up automatically.

This week, our Monday–Monday is 10¢/lb off Mbeya, a beautiful coffee from the Southern Highlands of Tanzania with notes of oranges, lemons and black tea.

You can view the Mbeya factsheet here; read about the region in this conversation with our assistant general manager in Tanzania; or just head to the store and take advantage of the discount!

Love a coffee that you think deserves the Monday–Monday treatment? Let us know! Use the hashtag #MondayMonday on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to tell us all about it!

The magic hour in Mbeya, Tanzania.


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