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Quantity Discounts — and Other Ways to Save!

August 24, 2017
Volume discounts begin at 10 boxes. Each box is 65 pounds of green coffee.

Great customers deserve great deals! So the more you buy, the more you save. Our discounts start at 10 boxes and increase at 24 and 48 boxes. And, no codes are necessary — your cart will adjust automatically. It works like this:

BUY 10 or more boxes, SAVE 5¢/lb

BUY 24 or more boxes, SAVE 15¢/lb

BUY 48 or more boxes, SAVE 25¢/lb.

A few other things to keep in mind…

• We don’t charge carry fees or warehousing fees. (Think you aren’t paying these with other companies? Check your invoice.) You can space out deliveries over three months — or choose a ship date three months in the future — at no extra cost.

• Eyeing a Monday–Monday deal? Go for it! In most cases, that’s an extra 10¢ off. Meaning, you could buy 10 boxes of a Monday–Monday coffee at 15¢-per-pound off the everyday price (the 5¢ volume discount, plus the 10¢ Monday-Monday discount). Or, buy more and get 25¢ or 35¢ off.

• During the month of August, orders of 5 or more boxes ship free. You could potentially get 35¢ a pound off a spectacular coffee (if you buy 48 boxes of the Monday–Monday special) and have your pallets ship free! All other months, shipping is just $10/box — or $7.50/box, when you order 10 or more on a pallet.

• Interested in a microlot? When you buy out a lot, we send you all the remaining samples from that lot in the warehouse, as an extra thank-you. Sometimes it’s a few, sometimes it’s a total jackpot.

• Refer a friend! This is a great way to earn $50 credits. Tell friends about GO (click the Refer a Friend tab in our nav bar), and when they sign up and place an order, they’ll get $50 off and you’ll receive a code for $50 off your next order.

• And, as ever, you can always mix and match. That means those 10 boxes (or 24, or 48) can be 10 different coffees, or 2 different coffees, or 7 different coffees. Buy whatever you like, and enjoy the discount, friend. •

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