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Table Stars: Guatemala

September 7, 2017
Coffee cherry on producer Sara Castillo's farm, El Crucero.

By Rich Futrell

We had a really nice cupping in the Chicago suburbs this week, hosted by Tyler Fivecoat and Erich Goepel of River City Roasters.  In on the fun were Sam, from Ten Drops, Ryan from Kindred Coffee Roasters, and Ben from Brewpoint Coffee.

We cupped all of Genuine Origin’s fresh-crop Guatemalan coffees (community lots and microlots) and the overall impression on the table was of fresh, sweet and clean coffees with notes of caramel and milk chocolate.

Specifically, from the community lots, Candelaria was reminiscent of a Snickers bar (caramel, chocolate and roasted nuts), while San Antonio presented really nice citrus notes on top of chocolaty flavors. While tasting these community lots, everyone started talking about using them as an espresso base or featured single-origin espresso.

Among the microlots, La Fisga and El Crucero were head turners, with the La Fisga presenting really nice, concentrated fruit sugars in the cup that reminded everyone of dried figs and dates.

“Everyone agreed that this could be a utilitarian “heavy lifter” in a roaster’s lineup.”

El Crucero was full of apricot and cherry flavors and had a roasted-almond aroma. The Grano de Oro was a super delicate coffee with a very soft, round body, and San Carlos Family was a very sweet coffee with notes of peach and caramel.

Finally, Pasqual (also labeled Las Anonas, after Pasqual’s farm) reminded everyone of a classic Guatemalan coffee: milk chocolate, raw walnuts, super sweet flavor, viscous body, clean aftertaste. Everyone agreed that this could be a utilitarian “heavy lifter” in a roaster’s lineup — a blender, a batch brew choice, a cold brew option or a pour over microlot option. •

Rich Futrell is our Midwest relationship manager. Want a member of the team to organize a cupping in your area? Let us know! Email info@genuineorigin.com.
Photo: Harvesting coffee on producer Sara Castillo’s farm, El Crucero. 

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