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Make Us an Offer: Every Last-Harvest Microlot Is Up for Bids!

September 15, 2017
On the way to Kenyan coffee.

Fresh green coffees from Central America and Africa are in the house, so it’s time to find happy homes for our remaining coffees. Every last-harvest microlot is now up for bids. So GO make us an offer!

We’re offering everything below as complete lots — you buy the whole thing. (Want to buy and split with a roaster friend, that’s up to you.)

See something you like? Email What’s a fair sale price for these still-delicious coffees? Decide and then offer it! The squeaky wheel gets the grease! You miss all the shots you don’t take! You… you get it.

Last bit of housekeeping:

• First come, first served.

• You can schedule delivery for up to 3 months out, and you don’t pay until a coffee ships.

• When you buy out a coffee, all the samples of that coffee in the warehouse are included as a special bonus. In most instances, those samples add up to more than 100 pounds of free coffee.

Happy bidding!

•      •      •

Costa Rica, Red Honey Tarrazu $3.87/lb  $2.62/lb.
Balanced acidity; creamy body; honey, strawberry, caramel.
61 boxes; free samples: 55 lbs.

Costa Rica, Berlin $4.12/lb  $2.77/lb
Balanced acidity; creamy body; cocoa, almond, plum.
25 boxes: free samples: 91 lbs.

Costa Rica, Santa Maria de Dota$3.30/lb $2.75/lb
Balanced acidity; clean body; candied walnut, cinnamon, amaretto.
23 boxes; free samples: 259 lbs!
This is a community lot; but there are so few boxes left — and so many samples — that we decided to include it. It’s a fantastic offer! 

Honduras, El Horno $4.04/lb  $2.79/lb
Balanced acidity; clean body; honeysuckle, tropical fruit, baking spice.
24 boxes; free samples: 111 lbs.

Honduras, Los Cedros  $4.04/lb  $2.69/lb
Bright acidity; juicy body; root beer, blackberry, molasses.
32 boxes; free samples: 108 lbs.

Honduras, El Tamarindo  $4.04/lb  $2.74/lb
Bright acidity; delicte body; cream soda, nectarine, almond.
36 boxes; free samples: 135 lbs.

Honduras, El Chile  $4.04/lb  $2.79/lb
Bright acidity; creamy body; caramel, dried cherry, satsuma.
35 boxes; free samples: 126 lbs.

Honduras Los Gilgeros  $4.04/lb  $2.74/lb
Balanced acidity; sparkling body; vanilla, orange blossom, cocoa nib.
76 boxes; free samples: 117 lbs.

Honduras La Malanguera  $4.04/lb  $2.64/lb
Bright acidity; clean body; nougat, elderberry, vanilla.
33 boxes; free samples: 120 lbs.

Honduras, Jose Noel Mendez $4.04/lb  $2.79/lb
Bright acidity; clean body; herbal, clean, tamarind.
30 boxes; free samples: 135 lbs.

Guatemala Las Navajas  $4.26/lb  $2.86/lb
Balanced acidity; clean body; prune, dark chocolate, orange.
180 boxes; free samples: 111 lbs.

Guatemala Las Anonas  $4.26/lb   $3.01/lb
Bright acidity; clean body; apricot, starfruit, molasses.
81 boxes; free samples: 116 lbs.

Guatemala El Rodeo $4.26  $2.91/lb
Bright acidity; creamy body; milk chocolate, caramel, blood orange.
28 boxes; free samples: 90 lbs.

Guatemala Pena Alta $4.26  $2.86/lb
Mild acidity; creamy body; buttery, caramel apple, baking spices.
34 boxes; free samples: 106 lbs.

Guatemala, Los Nanzales $4.26  $2.96/lb
Balanced acidity; creamy body; pear, sugar cane, plantain.
24 boxes; free samples: 108 lbs.

Kenya, Yara AB $4.84/lb  $3.44/lb
Bright acidity; delicate body; jasmine, lemonade, pink grapefruit.
135 boxes; free samples: 99 lbs.

Kenya, Konyu AB $4.84/lb  $3.44/lb
Bright acidity; creamy body; cranberry, tamarind.
112 boxes; free samples: 133 lbs.

Kenya Konyu AA $4.84/lb  $3.54/lb
Bright acidity; delicate body; red berry, Meyer lemon, white wine.
116 boxes; free samples: 108 lbs.

Kenya Kiangundo AB $4.84/lb $3.54/lb
Bright acidity; juicy body; tropical fruit, black currant.
111 boxes; free samples: 128 lbs.

Kenya, Timka AB $4.84/lb  $3.44
Bright acidity; sparkling body; citrus zest, melon, brown sugar.
44 boxes; free samples: 124 lbs.

Kenya Ndurutu AA $4.84/lb  $3.44/lb
Bright acidity; delicate body; lime, vanilla, orange, clove.
26 boxes; free samples: 119 lbs.

Kenya Gatina AA $4.84/lb  $3.54/lb
Bright acidity; clean body; candied orange, cranberry, pineapple.
60 boxes; free samples: 121 lbs.

Kenya Gathiruini AA $4.63/lb  $3.43/lb
Balanced acidity; creamy body; grape, dark chocolate, brown sugar.
102 boxes; free samples: 121 lbs.

Kenya Ndimaini AB $4.63/lb.  $3.49/lb
Bright acidity; creamy body; starfruit, vanilla, brown sugar.
237 boxes; free samples: 121 lbs.

Kenya Karundu AA $5.11/lb  $3.71/lb
Bright acidity; juicy body; red currant, white peach, lime zest.
126 boxes; free samples: 255 lbs. (more than 4 boxes!)

Kenya Kiamuriuki AA $4.89/lb  $3.59/lb
Bright acidity; juicy body; milk chocolate, macadamia, grilled peach.
44 boxes; free samples: 120 lbs.

Kenya Thiaru AA $4.89/lb  $3.59/lb
Bright acidity; creamy body; cranberry, nougat, herbal tea.
60 boxes; free samples: 134 lbs.

Kenya Gatunyu Kigio AA $5.00/lb  $3.71/lb
Balanced acidity; juicy body; candy apple, caramel, blackberry.
114 boxes; free samples: 129 lbs.

Kenya Kahuro AA $5.05/lb  $3.65/lb
Balanced acidity; clean body; chocolate, plum, honey.
56 boxes; free samples: 126 lbs.

Kenya Ndururumo AA $4.89/lb  $3.49/lb
Bright acidity; juicy body; coconut, green apple, milk chocolate.
30 boxes; free samples: 116 lbs.

Kenya Kifco AA $5.48/lb  $3.88/lb
Balanced acidity; juicy body; cinnamon, papaya, lime.
42 boxes; free samples: 82 lbs.

Kenya Ragati AB  $4.84/lb  $3.44/lb
Balanced acidity; creamy body; strawberry-rhubarb, jasmine, orange juice
139 boxes; free samples: 115 lbs.

Last updated: 10/13/17, 1:50 pm ET

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