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Coffees for that Holiday Feeling

November 9, 2017
Honduras Guama Danta has perfect holiday notes of baking spice and caramel apple.

Whether bright baking spices, chocolate and citrus or dark fruits like sugar plums are your favorite holiday flavors, we’d got just the green coffees. Here are a few of our favorites — though you can always play around with the flavor, acidity and body options in the left margin in our store. And as ever, we’d love to hear ideas! What are your plans for holiday coffees?

Baking spice, brown sugar, caramel

Guatemala, La Maravilla $295.10/box – $4.54/lb.
Caramel, chocolate, raisin; balanced acidity; smooth body. Score: 86.75

Guatemala La Morena $295.10/box – $4.54/lb.
Brown sugar, dark chocolate, walnut; bright acidity; balanced body. Score: 85.25

Honduras Buenos Aires $239.85/box – $3.79/lb.
Baker’s chocolate, caramel, brown sugar; crisp acidity; full body. Score: 86

Honduras Guama Danta Reserve $215.80/box – $3.32/lb.
Cherry, candied lime, baking spice; bright acidity; creamy body. Score: 85.25

Honduras Aquilino $274.95/box – $4.23/lb.
Mandarin orange, baking spice, papaya; bright acidity; big, smooth body. Score 85.5

Citrus and chocolate

Kenya AB New Gatanga $362.05/box – $5.57/lb.
Caramel, almond, citrus; bright acidity; delicate body. Score: 87

Kenya AA Karumandi $388.05/box – $5.97/lb.
Mandarin orange, caramel, dark chocolate; vibrant acidity; round body. Score: 87

Guatemala Cubulco $234.00/box – $3.60/lb.
Milk chocolate, orange, roasted almond; crisp acidity; smooth body. Score: 85

Costa Rica San Juanillo $295.10/box – $4.54/lb.
Cinnamon, caramel, orange, jasmine. Bright acidity; juicy body. Score: 86.25

Dark fruits: cherries and sugar plums

Costa Rica Aromas del Valle $247.65/box – $3.81/lb.
Red apple, dark chocolate, nougat; mild acidity; creamy body. Score: 84.75

Guatemala Chuapec $295.10/box – $4.54/lb.
Orange, dried cherry, caramel; bright acidity; silky body. Score: 86

Tanzania Shari $269.10/box – $4.14/lb.
Sweet, dried fruits, dark chocolate, caramel; complex acidity; round body. Score: 86

Guatemala La Fisga $295.10/box – $4.54/lb.
Plum, strawberry, milk chocolate; mild acidity; silky body. Score: 86.25

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