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5 Green Coffees, 10 Cents Off, One Week Only

December 11, 2017
Coffee parchment drying in Kenya.

Each week we select one special coffee to feature as our #MondayMonday: A deal that lasts one full week, from 9 a.m. ET Monday through Monday.

This week, we selected five coffees. They’re our five lowest-inventory fresh-crop coffees, which makes it extra-easy to buy out the lot. You can buy as little as you like — but when you do buy out the lot, we send you all the samples in our warehouse, which can really add up to a nice bonus. And of course, if it’s more than 10 boxes, shipping is free.

So, grab these while you can! We’ll update this post throughout the week.

Coffee producer Jose Cupertino Gomez.

Jose Cupertino Gomez grew and produced our Cupertino microlot. He’s worked very hard (and successfully) to create coffee that stands apart from his neighbors’.

Tanzania Peaberry Mamsera Juu $4.14/lb –  $4.04/lb – $262.60/box
Complex, fruity sweetness, notes of grapes, cherries and oranges; big, creamy body; bright acidity.
23 boxes left; 7 samples (4.62 lbs)

Kenya AB Kirimiri $5.51/lb $5.41/lb – $351.65/box
Plum, caramel, black tea; juicy body; vibrant acidity.
20 boxes left; 46 samples (27.6 lbs)

Honduras Cupertino $4.23/lb. $4.13/lb – $268.45/box
Strawberry, watermelon, dark chocolate; juicy body; sparkling acidity.
14 11 boxes left; 36 samples (21.6 lbs)

Honduras Intibuca $3.96 $3.86/lb, $250.90/box
Coconut, caramel, dried apricot; full body; brisk acidity.
6 4 boxes left; 43 samples (25.8 lbs)

Kenya AB Giaka $5.97/lb $5.86/lb, $380.90/box
Caramel, pineapple, kiwi; delicate body; bright acidity.
6 boxes left, 23 samples (15 lbs)

Updated Dec. 13, 2017 at 4pm ET.

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