When it comes to the holiday season, people get laser-focused on gift-giving. What do you choose for someone whose heart beats to the rhythm of a coffee grinder or for your friends and family that would never wake up if not for our favorite beverage? First and foremost, the gift of choice is going to be high-quality coffee beans.

Coffee is a tried-and-true gift for aficionados and coffee drinkers everywhere. And giving the gift of coffee starts with roasting high quality green coffee beans. We asked our team for their recommendations for the holidays. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with an array of thoughtful and inspiring gift-coffee concepts that will have your seasonal shelves buzzing with shoppers.

Jen Hurd, Genuine Origin West Coast Sales Manager

Jen Hurd, Genuine Origin West Coast Sales Manager

Jen’s Holiday Coffee Recommendations

Thinking of the holiday season makes me dream of enticing aromas and heartwarming spices. No one can deny the sensory experience of the holidays, but holiday coffees should also be a companion to the merriment and togetherness that define the holiday season.

I’ve been so pleased with our La Bastilla coffees this year. If you’re looking for a clean, complex, elevated washed coffee, look no further than La Bastilla Centroamericano. Simply put, this single farm, single variety coffee is a crowd pleaser. I love finding coffees that satisfy both enthusiasts and everyday coffee drinkers. The Centroamericano falls right into that category.

Haven’t carried Brazil as a single origin in a while? Then you’ll want to take a look at Brazil Cachoeira Paraiso Natural. This single-estate Brazil micro-lot coffee offers wonderful sweetness and acidity. On top of that, the coffee was cultivated by the Barbosas – a 5th generation coffee-farming family – on their farm which doubles as a nature preserve. This coffee is a great option to introduce less adventurous coffee drinkers to a heightened sensory experience.

Cordillera del Jaguar Anaerobic Honey floored me this year. This coffee combines two of our best performers: Cordillera de Fuego Anaerobic and San Diego Honey. Blended at our Tarrazu mill, this coffee offers outstanding complexity but it is still very approachable. The hibiscus, berry, and spice notes are perfect for the holiday season.

Cyndi Chirco, Genuine Origin Gulf Coast Sales Manager

Cyndi Chirco, Genuine Origin Gulf Coast Sales Manager

Cyndi’s Holiday Coffee Concepts

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to bring customers something special. They might be open to spending a little more and may be more open to trying something different than their usual brew.

Our Anaerobically processed coffee from Cordillera de Fuego is a great choice! The anaerobic process yields a beautiful, fruity cup with notes of plum, hibiscus, and cinnamon.  It creates an experience all the way through, from a great aroma during brewing to an exceptional taste in the cup.  If that’s a little too wild for you, consider blending it with something a little softer in flavor.  Our Brazil Salmo or Brazil Cerrado could pair nicely or even Mexico Chiapas or our washed Costa Rica Perez Zeledon would offer some more balance to the cup.

Want to knock their socks off?  Take a look at our Nicaragua La Bastilla Geisha Washed.  This micro-lot is bright, fruity and floral all wrapped up in a heavy body. It presents a clean cup with notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, plum and red currant.  At a higher price per pound, some roasters may offer a coffee like this in a smaller package to hit a specific price point. If your usual size is a 12oz, consider 10oz, 8oz, or even 6oz bags.

Does your holiday coffee have to be something wild?  Not necessarily, but I do think it should be something different or special from your usual offerings. When the mercury drops, I just love to cozy up with a full-bodied coffee. Jazblu Peaberry is a Brazil with a creamy body and notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar and just a hint of red apple. Want a bit more complexity? Our Papua New Guinea Lahamenegu Eastern Highlands Organic delivers dark chocolate, green tea, tobacco and stone fruit in the cup with a balanced acidity and full body.

Other ideas for holiday: push subscriptions. A coffee subscription is the perfect gift. You can offer holiday bundles by packaging together 1-3 bags of coffee so they get some variety. You can also think about selling the experience. For example, featuring two coffees with different processes. This way you’ll open your customers up to new tasting experiences and learning about how different processing methods impact the cup.

Jay Vernaleken, Genuine Origin East Coast Sales Manager

Jay Vernaleken, Genuine Origin East Coast Sales Manager

Jay’s Holiday Classic Coffees

Holiday coffees should be more than just a delightful beverage; they should embrace the festive spirit. As the winter season approaches, the rich and comforting flavors of holiday-themed coffee creations have a unique way of infusing joy and coziness into our lives.

When thinking about holiday coffees, the first one that comes to mind is Costa Rica Cordillera De Fuego Anaerobic. This coffee’s notes of cinnamon and raspberry are reminiscent of warm, fresh baked goodies. It is certain to perk up the pickiest aficionado in your family.

I feel like Guatemala La Morena Huehuetenango was grown to be a holiday coffee. Sweet notes of chocolate and cherry remind me boxes of assorted chocolates that are on everyone’s table. But this crowd-pleasing coffee goes above and beyond the cup. Our La Morena coffees are 100% women produced. Coffees like La Morena are leveling the playing field for women producers where gender inequality is the norm.

Kenya AB Kirimiri will warm your spirits with notes of milk chocolate and blackberry. This coffee’s complex acidity packs a nice snappiness; a perfect complement to early morning gift exchanges.

Steven Edwards, Genuine Origin Inside Sales

Steven Edwards, Genuine Origin Inside Sales

Steven’s Hot Coffees for Cold Months

When the cold comes, we all want to be soothed by winter flavors reminiscent of our seasonal memories. So, when thinking about roasting for the Holiday Season, I choose coffees that give the impression of warmth. 

Our Sumatra Gayo G1 TP Wet Hulled is not only one of the most delicious Sumatrans I’ve cupped, it also hits the profile mentioned above. There are notes of dried plum, green apple, mulling spices, brown sugar, and chocolate. A great coffee for connoisseurs and casuals alike.

The Holiday Season is also a great time for special, one-of-a-kind offerings. People who are gift shopping are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they give their loved ones a special experience. For those shoppers, I would recommend looking no further than Cordillera de Fuego. The Cordilleras are all excellent, but the Termico offers a unique process, as well as notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, raspberry, hibiscus, and brown sugar. For me, it brings up memories of getting cozy by a warm fire.

My third recommendation is delicious and a conversation starter. Costa Rica Tica Linda Honey comes from women producers; a growing segment of farmers throughout Costa Rica. Additionally, it’s a honey process – ie, the coffee is laid out to dry with some of the cherry’s mucilage still on. This process results in flavors of milk chocolate, apple, caramel, orange citrus, and chamomile. Brew some of this coffee up at a family gathering and share how Tica Linda is leveling the playing field for women in coffee.

If you need help with choosing your holiday coffees, go to our Contact Us page and get in touch. Your GO account managers are here to help!

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