As the sun sets on the year, we asked our team to look back at the best coffees of 2023. Now, our team drinks a lot of coffee…a whole lotta coffee! So, choosing our favorites was no small task. Added to which, 2023 was a year like no other. On every table, in every bag, across so many roasts, we found coffees filled with aromatic surprises, bold flavors, and innovative processing techniques that elevated the language of coffee to new heights.

We would also be remiss if we didn’t call out the meticulous craftsmanship of roasters, and the stamp the way they push the evolution of coffee culture. So, in our search for the best coffees of 2023, we asked our team to stretch out beyond our catalog and consider all the coffees they consumed.

So, grab your favorite mug, settle into your favorite nook, and let’s explore some of the caffeinated wonders from the world of coffee in 2023.

Jen Hurd, Genuine Origin West Coast Sales Manager

Jen Hurd, Genuine Origin West Coast Sales Manager

Jen’s 2023 Best Coffee Picks

Push x Pull: Finca Villa Betulia Honey – This has been my favorite coffee for two years in a row. The complexity, spice notes, and hibiscus combined with citrus and overall balance made me fall in love with this coffee. It’s incredible and unlike almost anything else I’ve ever tasted.

Roast House: Colombia Santa Maria Tabi Natural – This is the kind of fruit-forward coffee I LOVE. The coffee is an experience with in-your-face berry notes. However, it’s balanced by sugary notes plus a touch of floral and winey-ness.

Elevator Coffee: Guatemala La Morena Cubulco – OK, this is like coffee ice cream with chocolate chips! Elevator Coffee’s La Morena is a perfect coffee for just about anyone. Fantastic sweetness and berry acidity make it such a nice, cozy choice.

Cyndi Chirco, Genuine Origin Gulf Coast Sales Manager

Cyndi Chirco, Genuine Origin Gulf Coast Sales Manager

Cyndi’s Favorite Coffees 2023 Edition

Peach Coffee Roasters: Colombia Finca El Diviso Sidra Natural – This cup was quite unique. Fermenty, almost like a Sangria. Notes of pomegranate, raspberry, passion fruit, and just a hint of floral all wrapped up with a tart acidity.

Greater Goods Coffee Co:  Spark from Bella Vista, Mexico. I found this coffee to be a beautifully well-rounded cup. Notes of candied nuts, chocolate, vanilla cream, dried fruit, a lovely coffee to drink all day long.

Blendin Coffee Club: Ethiopia Gesha Village Lot 115 – This micro from the renowned Gesha Village has a complex profile. Think rose, raspberry, red apple, a hint of bergamot with a bright acidity and smooth body. Such a treat!

Pair Cupworks: Colombia Finca Las Flores Red Bourbon Natural -This coffee was tropical-fruit punch to the face!  This coffee was juicy, sweet and tangy.  I seriously loved this coffee; it reminded me of Tropical Skittles.

Luce Coffee: DR Congo Organic Kivu G3 Virunga Blend – I really enjoyed the bright, lemony acidity paired with deeper notes of caramel, brown spice and dried fruit in this cup. To me, this coffee is the perfect combo of savory and sweet.

Flora + Fauna: Nicaragua La Bastilla Yeast Fermentation – I fell in love with this La Bastilla lot this year. Crisp and clean with a bright acidity, red fruit, tart apple and a soft cinnamon notes.

Jay Vernaleken, Genuine Origin East Coast Sales Manager

Jay Vernaleken, Genuine Origin East Coast Sales Manager

The Best Coffees of 2023 According to Jay

Colombia Finca Milan Culturing Nitro Fermentation Caturra – This was one of the most memorable coffees of 2023. Big watermelon candy flavors jumped out of the cup in both aroma and flavor!  I would recommend this coffee to any specialty coffee roaster looking for a bit of “WOW” factor in their offerings.

Kenya AA Muthunzuuni FSC – This coffee coupled citrus-like acidity with notes of dark chocolate. The flavors were reminiscent of a Dole Pineapple Dipper.

Fluid Roasting LabColombia Finca El Diviso Sidra Natural – This coffee was unforgettable. The cup offered a beautiful mix of flavors: pomegranate juice, berries, honey, and a prolonged winey finish.

Cloud Cover Coffee: Colombia Finca El Porvenir – I loved this coffee for its notes of blackberry, nutmeg, and rye, with a balanced acidity. Artfully roasted!

Rare Bird Coffee Roasters: Colombia La Fortuna – This coffee was fermented for 36 hours in cherry, fermented again for 24 hours after pulping, then washed and dried in a parabolic drier for 20 days.  The result is a cup bursting with notes of sweet peaches. I didn’t want to end!

Steven Edwards, Genuine Origin Inside Sales

Steven Edwards, Genuine Origin Inside Sales

Steven’s Best Coffee Picks 2023

East One Coffee Roasters: La Concordia Especial Mexico – This coffee was a delicious, crisp cup of golden delicious apple, honey, pear, caramel, and milk chocolate. There’s a definite fall vibes in this one, like taking a walk through an orchard or pumpkin patch.

Morningsong Roasters: Luz Divia Fierro Colombia Pink Bourbon – This coffee was a special combination of in-cherry fermentation for 24 hours, 38 hour ferment in tanks after being pulped, washed, then finished with a 19 day rooftop dry. The result was an incredibly clean cup of sparkling raspberry-lemonade summery goodness.

Kuma Coffee: Aragon Guatemala – Boasting notes of Ranier cherry, nougat, caramel,  pecan, and plum, this selection from Kuma is an easy, crowd-pleasing coffee. Perfect for a relaxing morning or a moment of bliss before a chaotic workday.

Kenya AB Lenana PlusThis year’s Lenana was a symphony of vibrant flavors. I tasted grapefruit, pomegranate, green melon, and apricot. It was bright, vibrant, juicy, and delicious. Every sip reveals new surprises.

Costa Rica Tica Linda Honey Women ProducedI love coffees that are easy drinking, with a good story, and an interesting process. Tica Linda covered all the bases! This is a very sweet cup, with notes of milk chocolate, red apple, caramel, and a tangy citrus finish.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic  – When I think of this coffee, two words come to mind: snappy and layered. Upon first cupping this one, there were so many layers from hot to cool that I couldn’t stop writing down notes! I tasted cherry, red grape, green apple, raw sugar, milk chocolate, and a myriad of florals. Truly a delight to your senses, this coffee is balanced enough to be used for everything from filter coffee to a single origin espresso.

With trends changing and producers becoming more adventurous with coffee, there were so many stellar coffees to from this year. We wish we could have expanded our catalog even more, but our warehouse is only so big. If there’s a coffee out there you think we should stock, let us know. The GO team tries really hard to find you the best coffees to roast, but we can always use recommendations. Head to our Contact Us page and get in touch. We would love to hear from you.