Best Green Coffee Beans October 2022 

What are our best green coffee beans right now? Good question. We are constantly sourcing new coffees from our sister companies and partners at origin and everyone’s tastes are different. We asked our team which unroasted green coffees they recommend coffee roasters stock up on. They gave us their favorites and also threw in their favorite roasted coffees. 

Best-selling Green Coffee Beans from Genuine Origin

Costa Rica Cordillera de Fuego Termico Natural 2022

Cordillera de Fuego

Cordillera de Fuego

“I’ve been really into the Cordillera de Feugo coffees and I think this year’s crop is even better than in 2021. Termico Natural is my favorite; lots of berry and great sweetness. I don’t think you can make a bad pick from the Cordillera del Fuego coffees – look for the notes that speak to you!” Jen Hurd, West Coast Sales Manager

Over ten years ago, Volcafe Costa Rica, GO’s sister company and sourcing partner in the region, teamed up with Luis Campos of Cordillera de Fuego to undertake anaerobic processing trials, a highly temperamental experiment at the time. 

Today, Luis continues to stay ahead of the curve with his new, experimental Termico & Termico Natural process. The Termico process starts with semi-washing ripe cherries. Following this step, the mucilage-coated beans are heated; the exposure to heat breaks down the natural sugars of the mucilage, partially caramelizing them. This inventive process gives the Termico unroasted green coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor and a round and balanced cup.

Mexico Chiapas Café de Mujeres Semi-Washed SHG/EP 2022

Mexico Chiapas Cafe De Mujer Green Coffee logo

Mexico coffee cherries

“As a more approachable coffee, I think the Mexico Chiapas Café de Mujeres is fantastic. Incredible sweetness and balance and could work for a variety of applications. And a women’s lot? I’m in.” Jen Hurd, West Coast Sales Manager

The silver lining to Mexico’s coffee rust epidemic and workforce migration away from abandoned coffee farms in the 2010s was the shift in social norms for women in agriculture. The 212 Chiapas-area women growers who contributed to this coffee are smallholders united in their efforts to expand economic opportunities for women in Mexico. They work an average of 1.8 hectares of land each to produce an exquisite showcase of effort and talent, highlighting all the delicate flavors and brisk acidity that Mexican green coffee beans from Chiapas offer.


Colombia Nariño Juanambu Canyon Organic 2022

Narino, Colombia vista

Narino, Colombia vista

“This Nariño delivers with a heavy body, and solid foundation of cherry, caramel, and tropical fruit notes.” Cyndi Chirco, Gulf Coast Sales Manager

“This Nariño has been my go-to coffee since its arrival. The coffee’s black cherry note (one of my favorite flavors!) really stands out to me. Additionally, it offers up nice sweetness with a touch of acidity.” Jay Vernaleken, East Coast Sales Manager

This best-selling coffee from Juanambú Canyon was sourced in partnership with Lohas Beans and drew select coffee from 123 smallholders in the Buesaco and Arboleda Berruecos municipalities on land that spans 1700 to 2200 masl. Their livelihoods depend on agriculture, and annual coffee harvests play a significant role in Nariño’s economic activity. That’s why farmers here are heavily invested in improving quality and yield to harness this stellar region’s full potential.

Guatemala La Morena Cubulco FSHB 2022

La Morena Producer

La Morena Producer sorting green coffee

“This is quite possibly my favorite GO coffee this season. The dark chocolate notes, with the bright citrus acidity, just make for magic in the cup. This is a cup I could drink day-in and day-out and never get tired of it.” Cyndi Chirco, Gulf Coast Sales Manager

“I like a chocolate note with a citrus pop to it. This coffee fits the bill and is great on its own or as part of a blend. It is quite approachable and won’t scare off the everyday coffee drinker.” Jay Vernaleken, East Coast Sales Manager

The La Morena program holds a special place in the hearts of GO team members and coffee roasters alike. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with female coffee producers in Guatemala to produce exclusive microlots under the Volcafe Way sustainability philosophy. What began as a microlot of 2,000 lbs of coffee from Huehuetenango has blossomed into a four-container (around 165,000 lbs) platform that strongly addresses gender inequality in Guatemalan green coffee production. This year, the program expanded into Cubulco for a brand-new coffee profile under La Morena’s empowering brand umbrella. 

Best Green Coffees Selling Fast!

Some of these coffees are sold out, but coffee roasters can still buy most of these green coffee beans directly on GO’s website. GO’s on-demand green coffee accessibility and price transparency are a big advantage for coffee roasters of all sizes. Shipping is always free within the continental US, and quantity discounts are available on three, five, 10, or 24 mix-and-match-able boxes of coffee. (There is also no minimum order for boxes of wholesale unroasted green coffee when purchasing from GO!)

If the above reviews of our best green coffee beans inspired some new ideas for your upcoming coffee menu, head to Genuine Origin’s online portfolio to buy unroasted coffee before this season’s favorites run out. Coffee roasters can also head to our  roastery essentials page to find some of our best-selling green coffees that are here all year round. They will keep your roastery consistently stocked year-round with the best green coffee we can bring you.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans 

Kenya Teremuka PBTwo Stroke Coffee Co

Two Stroke Teremuka PB

Two Stroke – Teremuka PB

“I recently snagged a couple of bags of sold-out coffees – some Kenya Teremuka PB from Two Stroke Coffee Co in Portland. It’s scratching that fruity coffee itch. I would definitely keep an eye out for more from this estates in future harvests!” Jen adds.

Two Stroke Coffee chimed in, “This has been one of our most asked about coffees! It has a lot of flavor and complexity, and has a little bit of something for everyone. Depending on the brewing methods it can be dark, sweet and rich or bright and acidic. It’s a great coffee to have in the lineup, and we can’t wait to get more next year!”

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke HoneyMaiden Coffee Roasters

“It has nice notes of chocolate, caramel, and some citrus. I don’t see a lot of honey-processed coffee from Ethiopia, and this was a very nice cup of coffee.” Jay Vernaleken, East Coast Sales Manager

Colombia Pink Bourbon Finca Las Nubes Natural – Villa Myriam Coffee

“It is a 100-hr natural anaerobic that was just delightful, with a juicy, bright acidity, notes of hibiscus, pomegranate, raspberry, and chocolate.” Cyndi Chirco, Gulf Coast Sales Manager

Sumatra Ribang Gayo Extended Natural – Ladro Roasting

 “I lean toward more fruit-forward (and sometimes weird) coffees, and there has been no shortage of those recently. One of the non-GO coffees I’ve really enjoyed recently was a Sumatra Ribang Gayo extended natural from Ladro Roasting in Seattle. Depending on the brew method I’ve used, I’ve gotten berry or mega peach notes – a fun diversion from my well-known feelings about wet-hulled Sumatra.” Jen Hurd, West Coast Sales Manager.