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  • Coffee farm in Brazil

Brazilian Coffee | Origin Update 2023

It’s hard to summarize an origin country like Brazil and its vast role in coffee’s past, present, and future. Since the 1800s, Brazilian coffee has dominated the coffee trade. [...]

  • Guatemalan coffee origin - mountain range and sunrise

Guatemala | Coffee Origin Report

With it rich volcanic soil, mountainous terrain and varied micro-climates, Guatemala is a perfect country for coffee cultivation. Guatemalan green coffee beans are the delight of roasters and coffee [...]

  • Coffee EXPO Portland, OR 2023

Coffee EXPO 2023 Review

We were all super-excited to arrive in Portland for EXPO this past April. Right after check-in, we went straight to the conference center to build out our booth. Every [...]

  • Coffee filters and un-filtered coffee brewing

The Complete Guide to Coffee Filters

Coffee filters come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. There are nearly as many types of coffee filters as there are coffee brewing devices. So many, in fact, it [...]

  • SW Grill Coffee Caboose

Roaster Profile: SW Grilled Coffee

Grilled Coffee Aboard the Coffee Caboose! Taylor Kirkman and Steven Leganski, owners of SW Grilled Coffee, are making their mark on the Phoenix coffee roasting scene with their mobile [...]

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