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  • Costa Rica coffee plant nursery

Costa Rica Green Coffee Origin Report

Few coffee-producing countries go the extra mile to protect their agricultural workforce like Costa Rica does. After a violent civil war in 1948, the newly-formed Constitutional Assembly abolished the [...]

  • Tanzania picker

Tanzania Green Coffee Origin Report

Tanzania is one of the largest countries in Africa by area and Arabica coffee production is around 650,000 bags (over 85 million pounds) per year - as much as [...]

  • Antigua Guatemala patios

Guatemala Green Coffee Origin Report 2021

Patios drying coffee Guatemala The 2021 harvest season in Guatemala came to a close earlier this year with some hurricane-induced delays, but also with exciting improvements in [...]

  • Green coffee samples at Kenya coffee exchange

Green Coffee Prices | A Beginners Guide

The price of Green Coffee generally gravitates around the regulated futures exchanges which, for both Arabica and Robusta, used to operate with real-live humans in New York and London respectively but [...]

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