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Wholesale Coffee Roasting | How to Grow

Wholesale coffee roasting. For many coffee-roasting businesses and coffee roasters, it’s the plan, the goal, and the key to success in a single phrase. A strong roaster and a [...]

  • Brazil coffee harvest

Brazil Green Coffee Update | February 2022

Fresh shipments of Brazil green coffee are pouring into Genuine Origin’s warehouses. We caught up with Volcafe Brazil, our sister co, to learn about what's going on with coffee [...]

  • Serra do Salitre coffee cherries

Coffee Processing in Brazil

Brazil does just about everything just a bit differently, particularly compared to its coffee-producing neighbors in South and Central America. Coffee processing is unique and uses unique terms; farms [...]

Guatemala Coffee Update | February 2022

We spoke with Volcafe Guatemala, our sister co and Guatemala coffee sourcing team, about how harvest is going. What we learned was that market forces such as the C-Market, [...]

  • Tanzania washing coffee cherries

Are You New to Coffee Roasting?

Hey Coffee Roaster, are you getting started with coffee roasting or just new to Genuine Origin (GO — that’s what most roasters call us)? Well first, welcome aboard! We’re [...]

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